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The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about phone scams in which the caller claims to have kidnapped the person’s child and demands a ransom be paid.

People who reported the scam said they heard screaming in the background of the call, which they said was likely recorded. They claim the call came from a foreign number, probably from Mexico, beginning with +52, according to a KCSO press release.

KCSO said scammers often threaten violence against someone’s relative and claim they’ve hacked someone’s cellphone.

KCSO says the FBI recommends people look for signs that the call is a scam, including the call coming from a foreign number, the caller tries to keep someone on the phone, the caller demands payment through wire transfer and the call doesn’t come from the phone of the person allegedly kidnapped.

If you receive this type of call, KCSO says you should ask to speak to the person supposedly kidnapped or ask the caller to describe the person who has been kidnapped, attempt to contact the victim over the phone or social media, try to call the victim from another phone while staying on the line with the caller and listen carefully to the voice of the person who has been kidnapped if they speak.

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