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Derek Wright and Matt Amuchastegui opened High Lakes about two weeks ago.

High Lakes is a new recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary in Klamath Falls. Amuchastegui and Wright say what sets the shop apart is the customer-focused attitude and welcoming atmosphere.

“We genuinely care about every person that comes to this door,” Amuchastegui said.

The shop is tucked away off of Washburn Way on Maywood Drive, in a small mobile office with a sturdy wrap-around porch.

Amuchastegui said customers love the discreet location.

“It creates a more comfortable, less congested environment,” he said.

The location off of main roads helps people worry less about stigmas that are associated with using cannabis products and relax while they shop, he said.

Wright grew up in the Klamath Falls are now lives in Eagle Point while Amuchastegui was born in Klamath Falls.

Wright owns Primo Farms, which is based in Eagle Point. The cannabis farm provides products to Oregon dispensaries, including High Lakes.

“I’ve been in the industry, on the medical side, since 2001,” Wright said.

His experience gives a uniquely educated look at the products the shop sells.

Amuchastegui also owns Lincoln Homes Incorporated, a real estate company in Klamath Falls. He said he had a desire to get into the cannabis business after seeing its potential medical benefits.

“We both believe in this product,” Wright said.

Amuchastegui and Wright said they feel passionately about making customers comfortable, carrying all the products customers want and helping them get the right product for their needs.

The shop carries everything from pre-rolled joints, flower and concentrates to a small selection of local glassware, topical products like lotions, edibles and more.

“For a small building, we pack a lot of products in,” Wright said.

“It’s a little overwhelming for a customer to walk in for their first time,” Amuchastegui said. He said the employees are very willing to walk new customers through the different products.

The shop is Americans with Disabilities Act accessible and the owners said they provide accommodations to those who need them, from welcoming in service dogs to providing water and chairs to use while browsing.

High Lakes is named after a trail near Lake of the Woods.

Amuchastegui said the shop honors military members with a 15% discount.

Outside flies a vintage American flag. Underneath the American flag a white flag with a green cross flies, denoting a dispensary.