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Klamath Tribal members re-elected Don Gentry to his third term as tribal chairman last week and also elected tribal council members and a chief judge.

Gentry, 63, of Chiloquin, was first elected as vice chairman in 2010, and re-elected in 2013 and 2016 for three-year terms.

“I really am honored to be re-elected as chairman, and want to continue to do my best to serve our people,” Gentry said. “Looking forward to working with the new council and thankful the tribal council officers are still in play, which will help provide good stability as we move forward.”

Gentry said he and tribal council members have developed goals in a strategic action plan, based around the following themes: Land, water, and (1864) treaty resources, economic development, youth and children, culture education, holistic tribal member health, housing, and governance.

“I’m too young to retire,” Gentry said. “I just felt like I could continue to do my best to be a help through the issues that we’re dealing with.”

Gentry said he models his philosophy as chairman as a “servant-leader.”

“I’m always open to talk with our tribal members,” Gentry said. “I pretty much have that open door philosophy and approach, and encourage people to do that when they can.”

Gail Hatcher was elected as vice-chairman, Roberta Frost was elected as secretary, and Brandi Hatcher was elected as treasurer.

The following Tribal Council members were also elected: Willa Powless, Clayton Dumont Jr., Jeannie McNair, Jessie Hecocta, Rose Mary Treetop, and Ellsworth Lang Jr. Patricia Davis-Gibson was elected as chief judge.