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Area funeral homes are also subject to Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s event restrictions of no more than 25 people to combat the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

At Davenport’s Chapel, Matt Hoffman said they’ve had three services since the order was put into place with only one requiring downsizing, which he said was planned to be over 400 people. They were able to downsize it to 16 people to still honor a loved one.

“For example, we had three services scheduled one for Friday, one for Monday, one for Tuesday,” he said.”They are all going forward, but one of them was downsized from close to 400 people to now I think they have 16 coming.”

Hoffman said it’s too soon to tell if people are downsizing services and still having them or if they are postponing the services until after the virus has passed. Still, he said he doesn’t foresee too big of a hit to businesses.

“We’ve just been asking people to bring fewer people to the office and wash your hands,” he said. “And as far as services are concerned, it’s just business as usual, so to speak, just not as large of services.”

Davenport’s is also not having any interior services as Hoffman said they’re not able to effectively sanitize the chapel. Beyond that, Hoffman said they’re just asking people to keep the services that are still happening small.

“For most people, what that means is unless the service was supposed to be a very small and immediate family only kind of a scenario, it’s not really able to happen.”

Hoffman said they’re figuring it out on a case by case basis as the guidelines are changing all the time.