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Mare 211

The Modoc National Forest’s Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals will host an adoption event April 8-12 for the approximately 14 horses younger than 10 years old at the corral.

ALTURAS — The Modoc National Forest is preparing to host its third Wild Horse Adoption Event, April 8-12 at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals near Alturas, according to a news release. Approximately 14 horses younger than 10 will be available for adoption only during this event.

The Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals team has worked long hours every day caring for and finding homes for Devil’s Garden wild horses gathered last fall. They have already placed more than 200 of these older horses into happy homes though sales with limitations and adoption.

“To work with the Devil’s Garden horses every day is a dream come true. The horses are truly amazing, kind, gentle and extremely intelligent,” said Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Manager Charlea Johnston. “I think anyone who gives these horses homes will be happy with their nature and willingness to build relationships.”

While the Modoc National Forest has had substantial success in finding good homes for horses more than 10 years old through sales with limitations, adoption is currently the only option to find good homes for younger Devil’s Garden wild horses.

Prospective adopters are welcome to visit anytime during that week to look at horses and see the new corrals. Please call 530-233-8738 to schedule appointments.

Adopters must be at least 18 years old with no convictions of inhumane treatment of animals or violation of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Title will be transferred to the adopter after one year.

Each adopted horse requires a minimum of 400 square feet of corral space. Suitable materials for enclosures are pipe panels, wood posts, planks or horse fence. Barbed wire and electric materials will not be approved for adopted horses. A 5-foot-high facility is required for yearlings or gentled horses of any age, 6-feet for ungentled horses two years or older.

More than 650 Devil’s Garden horses will be available soon at the Litchfield Corrals for adoption through the Bureau of Land Management. All wild horses and burros held at the Bureau of Land Management are eligible for placement in private ownership through the BLM’s sales and adoption programs. This includes wild horses from the Modoc National Forest Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory.

Please see for information about adopting Devil’s Garden horses. The Double Devil Online Corrals are also linked from this page, offering photos of all remaining available horses at the corrals.

Many training success stories and updates about happy horses are shared on the volunteer-run Devil’s Garden Wild Horses Facebook page at