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Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights Academy Principal Joe Tacchini addresses graduates during the school’s graduation ceremony Friday at the Ross Ragland Theater.

The following students are included in the Falcon Heights Alternative School Class of 2019:

Miranda Ackerman, Toby Atchley, Edson Ayala, Tavia Barry, Jeshua Bimemiller, Allusion Bland, Alicia Burdick, Randall Canfield, Kristofur Crandall, Raul Esparza, Jesus Espinoza, Nathaniel Faust, Ashley Flores-Rios, Tristan Gilmore, Isramill Gonzalez.

Daniel Howard, Andrenette James, Jasmine James, Eric Jiminez, Aron Marcon, Brayden Matson, Sapphire Morris, Nelonna Mortimer, Braydon Murie, Trinity Rosas, Camron Sabelberg, Natahna Schonchin-Noneo, Katie Schroeder, Katelan Tow, Marcellus Ueberall, Darrien Utley.

Great Basin Homeschool Center Class of 2019:

Allison Pollard, Taylor Sherill

Falcon Heights Alternative School GED recipients:

Elijah Archuleta, Jose Arriola, Domonic Banda, Nichole Cosentino, Donavon Crain, Levi Davis, Michael Diaz, Gaberiel Dow, Max Fleener, Holden Gallagher, Tristin Gray, Jacob Greenwood, Kelsea Haynes, Blake Hooke, Caleb Huddleston, Ty Keenan.

Brenden Ketchum, Jadon Lawson, Jordan Lipe, Ediberto Marvin, Zemyl Marvin, Kelli Pereyra, Miranda Proto, Colby Reed, Hannah Sieg, Kevin Solorsano, Hailey Tichenor, Kaitlyn Tomlinson, Brandon White, Benjamin Young.