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Juanita Paslay

Juanita Paslay

Is stress the product of too many assignments on our to-do list? Time plays a key factor in the equation of stress. We can stay in bed too long. A last-minute phone call can unexpectedly reduce our precious available time.

Here is a scenario: You pull out of your driveway later than you intended. To add to the stress of improper time management, a train appears as you approach the crossing!

You cannot speed up because of a slow-moving truck in front of you. Now you will really be late! Your blood pressure rises; your grip on the steering wheel tightens; unwanted thoughts enter your mind.

Thoughts? Yes, thoughts. How about thoughts of praise to God? We can change our negative attitude into spoken words of adoration. For each train car that crosses the intersection, give praise aloud with gusto, such as: I love You, Lord or hallelujah or praise God or glory to God or thank you, Jesus.

Say a different phrase as each train car passes in front of you. If the train is moving fast, speak faster and shout with enthusiasm. Save your ‘Amen’ for the last train car on the tracks.

Let us anticipate our next train and may it be a long, slow one! Watch our stress disappear around the bend with the train as our heart rejoices with praises to God.

With my whole being, body and soul,

I will shout joyfully to the living God.

Psalm 84:2 NLT

Excerpt from “As The Deer” ©2018 by Juanita Turner Paslay