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More than 20 years ago, Pastor Mike Voight started a little home Bible study group in his house. From these humble beginnings, the group moved to rented spaces that could house more people.

Eventually they grew into a current church building that seats 500, housing New Horizon Christian Fellowship. Though not opposed to other denominations, the church is non-denominational and a Calvary Chapel affiliate.

One of Pastor Mike’s greatest joys and service to the community is the creation of a preschool through 12th grade school. Voight’s heart has always been with the children and this has been a service to many children in the community to receive a unique and accredited education.

New Horizon School has grown through the years and, as a large mission of the church, is subsidized in order to make it affordable for working families.

Voight and New Horizons have created a clear mission for their students: They pursue spiritual growth, foster life-long learning, create critical thinkers, teach effective communication, develop leaders, promote health and encourage community service. These values are taught through BJU Press curriculums and are a large mission of the church. They are also creative in their learning and have a beautiful garden and outdoor area as part of their education.

This service is open to the entire community regardless of religion and has grown through the years. They recently purchased a new building for the older students when they outgrew their space. They are constantly forward thinking and passionate about focusing on the children of our community. They have a beautiful, spacious facility with a nurturing environment.

Outside the school, New Horizon also is committed to supporting the Gospel Mission financially to reach out to the homeless population, Basin Youth for Christ, United Christian Ministries, the Klamath Falls Food Bank, and several missionary families. Through the years they also have offered to run memorial services for both members and non-members of their church at no cost. They have seen people come through their doors from all walks of life, accessing help at a challenging time of loss as an ongoing service to the community.

Pastor Mike just celebrated 46 years of marriage and values his wife’s contributions toward the ministry. His highest value is love which is shown through actions. He knows the members of his congregation and all the children of New Horizon know him well and see that showing his love to God is his top priority. He expresses that love by the way he serves the children of the community as well as the community as a whole.