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The Bible Baptist Church is housed in a uniquely vast building.

Pastor Kevin Kroeker encourages his congregation to use this resource in a variety of ways to bless others and build a bridge to the community. As a church, their first priority is to spread the good news that Jesus Christ taught. They strive to be a light for all. Assistant Pastor Jason Young remembers a time their auditorium was filled to capacity with over a thousand people after the tragedy of September 11. The community came together to bring comfort in a special vigil. Holding up to 1,080 people, the church auditorium has hosted a variety of community performances including dance recitals and concerts.

Through the years, they have found other unique ways to use their immense space. Triad Christian School was originally held in the Bible Baptist Church until they transitioned to their new campus, where Pastor Young has coached their basketball team for a number of years. They have a gym in their building that they open up to YMCA teams, middle and high school teams, and even pickleball groups. They have struggled with this year’s COVID crowd limitations, but look forward to using the building more fully.

They have also partnered with the food bank as an additional venue to distribute food. Every third Friday from 1-4 p.m., they offer food pickup to local residents of not only dried goods, but refrigerated and frozen foods as well. After hosting the food pickup for a few years they noticed other needs of the individuals served and created a closet to distribute coats, blankets, clothing, kitchen appliances, dishes, pots and pans. This helped them notice the needs of the children coming through, and led to gathering Christmas gifts to hand out to all the kids. Each Thanksgiving they make sure every family has a turkey.

BBC owns a Mountain Lakes camp off Highway 140, where they host Bible camps every summer. They provide an opportunity to get out into nature and are open to all, regardless of faith. Children from the entire Klamath Basin have camped and gone swimming here for more than 60 years. They also have partnered with local schools for use of the facility as an outdoor school. Various groups also host camps at their site including Alcoholics Anonymous, Special Olympics, high school football camps and disability groups.

In 1958 members of the Bible Baptist Church helped found the Klamath Falls Gospel Mission, and they continue to support this work today. They also join with many of the local churches in helping provide funding, leadership and volunteers for the Pregnancy Hope Center. They support the United Christian Ministries, or UCM, which pools resources with other churches to help with rent, utilities and other homeless prevention resources. They have lots of foot traffic due to their location and help individuals buy train tickets, gas vouchers, short hotel stays as well as contributing to multiple mission trips.

Many community groups take advantage of the space the church offers including TOPS, a weight loss group, a quilting group and various other smaller groups, finding a welcoming space to meet. They have a large library open to the public as well, with a variety of books available to check out. Uniquely, they have opened up their expansive back parking lot to the Department of Transportation to hold CDL driving tests, so it isn’t uncommon to see semis navigating the lines painted on the lot.

Pastor Smith has been a resident of Klamath since 1997. He has seen many changes in the community and continues to foster opportunities to share the light of Christ. Bible Baptist Church is invested in building bridges across our community.