1-25 Coraline

A special screening honoring the 10th anniversary of the film “Coraline” will take place at the Ross Ragland Theater in March, part of a six-city tour of the film presented by the Oregon-based studio that created it – Laika Studios.

A special screening is being planned in Klamath Falls, part of a multi-city tour in celebration of the first film created by a revolutionary Oregon-based film studio — Laika Studios.

“Coraline” was released in 2009, four years after Laika was first founded. The film entered a genre of animation — rich in tradition of film history but rarely touched today — stop-motion. It is a painstakingly slow filmmaking process, where puppets are posed for a single photo then moved slightly for another photo. Known as frames, when strung together the images recreate movement. There are as many as 60 frames for a single second of film, a process so slow and meticulous in nature that it has become a largely abandoned art.

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