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We live in a beautiful section of Southern Oregon where the sun shines almost every day, the greenery abounds in every direction and the air is fresh.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then there is plenty to do and places to go outside this summer that won’t cost much, if anything. We so often take for granted what surrounds us and don’t take time to visit the places ourselves.


Get your bike gear ready to take a long and enjoyable bike ride on one of the many trails you can find around the area. Or if walking or hiking is your thing, plan your trip and enjoy a good walk, hike or run even. Whichever you decide to do, be sure to take along plenty of water, sunscreen, bug spray and a hat and sunglasses.


Maybe the water is more enjoyable for you. If you already have a boat of some kind, plan an excursion on the lake. Take along your fishing pole or just stand at the water’s edge and fish. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in fishing supplies unless you think you really need to — just a pole and various lures and/or worms could be all you need — but don’t forget your fishing license.

If you like swimming, we have a local pool that is worth checking out. Or take your boat out in the lake or go kayaking or canoeing. Put up a pool or let the kids run though the sprinklers or use water guns!


Try camping to help take up some of your summer time. There are so many campgrounds surrounding Klamath Falls that are well kept and easy to get to. The main thing you will need to remember is to reserve a spot as far ahead as you can because some campgrounds fill up quickly. All you will really need to take with you is food and drinks. Keep a pre-packed camping box with all the essentials so that you can leave whenever the mood and time is right.


If you like to visit national parks, you already know that we are privileged to have Crater Lake National Park in our backyard. It is a short drive from practically anywhere in Klamath County and the entry fee is minimal. A way to enter for free is to take one of your parents or grandparents who are 65 years of age or over and have them pay for a lifetime free entrance to any US National Park.

Check out the Lava Beds also — a great time can be had spelunking!

Take a trip to the Wildlife Refuge to view the birds that enjoy our area.

Some of our local parks have been greatly improved and most offer hiking/walking trails, picnic areas, play structures. Pick a large, flat area and bring your kite on a windy day and have fun flying it. Take advantage of Steen Sports Park that we have here in Klamath Falls — it even offers a skate park.


If sports are your interest, then take advantage of watching our local baseball team at Kieger Stadium while during their home scheduled games. The tickets are a minimal fee and you’ll have an evening of fun watching the game.


Maybe your hobby is taking pictures, so take a drive and enjoy the beautiful landscapes we have or the animals that run free while getting some great photos. Enjoy the sometimes spectacular sunsets that also photograph beautifully.


I realize that the weather in Klamath Falls can change dramatically, but on those days when the weather is beautiful outside and you have the time, plan to spend the afternoon or entire day exploring or visiting an area you rarely get to.

Other Options

Enjoy our local museums (they may charge a minimal fee to enter) or try a new restaurant that may have opened recently.

So far, most of the activities I have suggested involve time and energy and very little money. The National Geographic Channel recently ranked Klamath Falls as one of the top 10 areas in the Northwest for all of its outdoor activities available.

Take time to enjoy this beautiful county we live in even if all you do is take an evening walk with your someone special.