Klamath Outdoor Science School is offering a free new residential camp on August 10-13 for 8-13 year-olds.

Students will have the opportunity to spend four days and three nights at KOSS’s camp in Sun Pass State Forest, adjacent to Kimball State Park and the source of the Wood River.

Students will build connections to nature while studying fish and other aquatic organisms with Alex Gonyaw, fisheries biologist for the Klamath Tribes. Alex and his team will also help students use radio telemetry to locate tagged animals and attract owls into camp using recorded calls.

Students will also build connections to other peoples while participating in a Klamath round dance and owl dance with Taylor Tupper, interacting with storyteller William Hess, and learning to make tule baskets with Kelli Campagna, all members of the Klamath Tribes.

The Natural Connections Camp is funded through the Mennen Environmental Foundation, which supports innovative and collaborative programs that make connections between people and to nature and wildlife.

There is no charge for the camp, but there is a $20 registration fee that is refundable after full camp attendance. Food, lodging, instruction, and materials are all included. Recommended health precautions will be taken for the safety of our campers.

To learn more or to register, visit www.klamathoutdoorschool.org.