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Klamath Falls outdoor schools

Students participate in past events at the Klamath Outdoor Science School. 

Klamath Outdoor Science School recently received a $25,000 Environmental Education Grant from the Gray Family Foundation to do a series of outdoor field studies with local elementary students.

Third and fourth grade students participating in the program will travel to local natural areas with KOSS naturalist/instructors to do hands-on science explorations and investigations.

Programs will begin in March and continue through the rest of the school year, and Gray will consider continued funding for this program in 2022 and 2023 as well.

The programs will tie in with the students’ classroom science units and support Next Generation Science Standards. Third graders will study ecological concepts, focusing on biodiversity, plant and animal life cycles and adaptations to the environment. Fourth graders will study local geology, including volcanoes, geologic faults and strata, and erosion and deposition.

Malin, Merrill, Ferguson, and Shasta Elementary classes have already signed up to participate in the program. Each class will do multiple field studies to learn and reinforce concepts coordinated with their classroom science learning. Other Klamath Basin third and fourth grade classes are also eligible to participate. Interested teachers or administrators should contact Marjorie Glass at

KOSS is also currently hiring instructors with a strong natural science background to support this and other programs. Contact to apply.