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5-26 Hokanson

Mitch Hokanson

The Beavers Charitable Trust has awarded $16,000 to Mitch Hokanson, a junior Civil Engineering student at Oregon Tech, according to an Oregon Tech news release.

The Dutra Scholarship is awarded to a student with experience in construction and who intends to pursue a career in the heavy construction industry. Starting in high school in Happy Camp, Calif., Hokanson has spent each of his summers working in the construction industry. He has worked on many diverse projects, large and small, including household plumbing, city utility installation and repair, road grading, heavy equipment operation, and project management.

For the summer of 2021, Hokanson will work his second internship with Wildish Construction. He will pursue a long-term career in the heavy construction industry. He is a first-generation college student raised by a single mother, and is the father of a two-year-old son.

“I watched how hard my mother worked in order to make a better life for me which is why I know that whether I see it now or not, the work that I put in pays off later,” said Hokanson. “Being a first-generation college student drives me because I realize that I am paving a new path for my family.”

The Dutra Scholarship was established three years ago by Bill Dutra, Oregon Tech alumnus and CEO of The Dutra Group and a former trustee of the Beavers Charitable Trust; and Dutra Group President Harry Stewart, a Beavers board member, through an endowment within the Charitable Trust. Candidates for the scholarship should be a junior or senior in Civil Engineering or Construction Management heading for a career in the heavy construction industry. The Dutra Scholarships are administered at Oregon Tech by Dr. Sean St.Clair.

There is a preference for students who have arranged and/or completed an internship or summer job with a heavy civil contractor and if possible, obtained a positive evaluation or letter of recommendation from the contractor.

The trust intends this scholarship for someone with demonstrated need where it would make a big difference in completing their undergraduate education.