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TULELAKE — The Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair Board of Directors has chosen Mary Shuck as its 2019 Grand Marshal.

Shuck will lead the way as grand marshal for the 2019 Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair Parade on Saturday, Sept. 7. The parade starts at noon, on Main Street.

Shuck shares her extraordinary talent for visual design and display as the fair’s chief exhibit coordinator, a critical role which she has held for the past eight years.

Each year, she leads a dedicated team in transforming the Home Economics and Arts & Crafts buildings into stunning showcases for the thousands of exhibits submitted by talented folks from Tulelake, Butte Valley, Merrill, Malin, Klamath Falls, Bonanza and Montague.

Vintage fun

A stroll through the exhibit buildings at fair time will immerse one in a tasteful collection of Shuck’s vintage display pieces and fun handcrafted accents, highlighting a smorgasbord of colorful quilts, bright flower arrangements, detailed textiles, captivating photographs, carefully cultivated produce, tantalizing foods and inspiring arts and crafts.

Shuck and her husband, Matt, are longtime Basin residents and lived in Tulelake for several years in the ‘80s and ‘90s. While living on Yost Road, she and Matt enjoyed having the fair (quite literally) in their backyard.

Shuck recalls having the best seats in town for the annual fireworks that were held at the fair, and was even encouraged by fair management to bring her infant son, Tyler, along to work during her time as a clerk in the arts and crafts department.

Family affair

While living in Tulelake, the Shucks enjoyed participating as exhibitors at the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair; Shuck and Matt’s children submitted their cooking and crafting projects and Shuck even took home a $50 premium for a prize-winning scarecrow.

The couple relocated to Los Angeles during Matt’s career years, but returned to their Basin roots and Matt’s family home in Merrill upon his retirement.

When describing the fair today, Shuck simply says, “It’s a gift.”

As one of the few remaining community events, Shuck marvels at the fair’s ability to bring together people from many towns and walks of life for four days of fun and tradition. Of all the elements of the fair, Shuck is most inspired by the people; the talent and attention to detail of the exhibitors, the creativity and dedication of the exhibit coordination team and the excitement and energy of the community members that come to spend time at the fair each year.

Shuck is adamant that her role at the fair is a team effort, stating “I couldn’t do anything without all the helpers and volunteers.”

Shuck encourages anyone to pursue the opportunity to volunteer at the fair, explaining that “There is so much that goes into the fair, with lots of steps along the’s a lot of fun.”

This year, Shuck and her team will be onsite for the duration of fair, receiving exhibits, carefully arranging each display, organizing exhibits for judging, hanging ribbons, serving as hosts for each exhibit building and orchestrating the release of exhibits at the end of fair.