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Looking Back - Speedway

Street work is under way on Klamath Ave. in Klamath Falls in this 1964 photo taken near the intersection with Eighth Street. The view is to the southwest, with the tower at the Miller Brothers auto dealership seen standing at Seventh and Klamath. The Sears building is seen at right.

100 years ago

“If I thought you weren’t the sheriff I’d give you a drink. There’s about one left,” said a man working on a stalled automobile, seven miles out of town, when Sheriff Low halted on his way home from Bly last night to lend assistance.

“By George, it is the sheriff,” he said as he stepped closer to the officer.

Search of the car revealed four gallons of “moonshine” liquor, a gas stove, three knocked-down barrels and four sacks of rye. Sheriff Low waited several hours until the partner of the man on the scene returned from a trip for repair parts for the car. The he brought both to jail. Their names were C.H. Young and Ed Perry.

The Evening Herald, July 22, 1921

50 years ago

“Ten-four . . . Thank God.”

With those words, Klamath County Sheriff Ralph Meservey acknowledged the radio message that 2-year-old Glenda Gardner had been found, alive and well, on a juniper covered ridge two miles from her home near Keno.

Deputies estimated than more than 500 persons joined in the search for little Glenda, who wandered away from her parents’ home in the Whispering Pines subdivision about 5 p.m. Friday.

The child was found—scratched, mosquito-bitten and dirty—at 1:45 p.m. Saturday, ending an agonizing 20 hour ordeal for her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hermon A. Gardner.

Gardner, a sawyer at Weyerhaeuser Co. said, “We just moved here from Portland a month ago and we think it’s really great the way people responded. We’d like to thank everybody who helped. It was really something.”

The Herald and News, July 18, 1971

25 years ago

The gaming center planned by the Klamath Tribes is expected to be opened next May at a location about two miles south of Chiloquin.

The Klamath County Board of Commissioners was notified of this Tuesday by Jeff Mitchell.

Mitchell said the gaming center plans call for about 300 slot machines, six blackjack tables and four card tables.

There will also be a buffet that will seat about 250 people, a cabaret that will seat about 450 people and fine dining area that will seat about 150 people.

One of the primary reasons for establishing the gaming center is to provide employment to tribal members, Jeff Mitchell reported.

This would alleviate a 60 percent unemployment rate among tribal members. There are about 1000 tribal members in the Klamath County area who are presently unemployed. The gaming center is expected to employ about 250 at the outset.

The Herald and News, July 17, 1996

10 years ago

Fire investigators suspect someone set fires in the Bryant Mountain area southeast of Klamath Falls last week to imitate seven arson fires started in the same locations at the same time of day 52 years ago.

A July 1959 news article about a group of arson fires reported striking similarities to the July 11 Bryant Mountains fires, leading to the theory that the recent fires may be the work of a copycat.

Stacy Brainard, an administrative assistant with Klamath County Fire District No. 1, was scanning the agency’s news archives into computer files when she came across the article about the fires that occurred July 13, 1959, the second Monday of July.

She realized the details were similar to the recent arson-suspected blazes. The 1959 fires were all reported between 8 and 11 p.m., took place around Bryant Mountain and involved the use of accelerants. The recent fires also occurred on the same Monday of July.

“It’s just too many things in common,” said Scott Rice, fire marshal for Klamath County Fire District No. 1.

On July 11 firefighters from Klamath County, Bonanza Fire and Oregon Department of Forestry responded to seven wildfires, reported between 8:15 and 10:30 p.m. on South Poe Valley, Harold and Weber roads and on Bryant Mountain.

Traces of gasoline were found at two of the fire sites, Rice said.

The Herald and News, July 22, 2011