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Twenty-six high school students from the Klamath County School District will travel to San Antonio, Texas, to compete at the Future Business Leaders of America’s National Leadership Conference at the end of June.

The top four placing in each category at the state competition in Portland qualified to move on.

Two of the students won first places. They were Tyler Sorenson of Mazama and Benjamin Hernandez of Lost River.

The results for area students were:

Word Processing: 1. Tyler Sorenson, Mazama; 9. Sander Allison, Mazama.

Introduction to FBLA: 1. Benjamin Hernandez, Lost River; 7. Nathan Hantzmon, Mazama; 10. Geovanni Cazarez, Lost River.

Coding and Programming: 2. Johnathan Havener, Mazama.

Impromptu Speaking: 2. Gabe Moran, Mazama.

Job Interview: 2. Kerri McMahan, Gilchrist.

Publication Design: 2. Brazil Cisneros, Gordon McCreadie and Jake Healy, Mazama; 3. Ximena Lemus, Angela Taylor and Ashleigh Taylor, Lost River.

Client Service: 3. Madi Baeth, Mazama.

Hospitality Management: 3. Nick Ambrose, Mazama.

Graphic Design: 3. Cassidy Byrne and Charlize Byrne, Bonanza; 9. Daniela Garcia and Geraline Sapp, Mazama.

Social Media Campaign: 3. Irene Aguirre and Nicole Lopez, Lost River; 5. Yajaira Cobian, Makenzie Girtman and Aurora Cerri, Lost River; 7. Benjamin Hernandez, Israel Ruedas and Michelle Ruedas, Lost River.

Business Ethics: 3. Nora Rooney and Julia Flocchini, Mazama.

Management Decision Making: 3. Nathan Hantzmon and Kristalyin Hayes, Mazama.

Sales Presentation: 4. Chris Eck, Bonanza.

Introduction to Business Procedures: 4. Luis Romero, Lost River; 6. Michelle Ruedas.

Introduction to Business Presentation: 4. Priscilla Zendejas and Elise Balakas, Mazama; 6. Hector Briseno, Geovanni Caszarez, Yoselin Salazar, Lost River; 10. Landon Baeth, Madalyn Holmes and Jack Hunt, Mazama.

Sales Presentation: 5. Cadencde Balsz, Mazama; 6. Cody Cahill.

Business Plan: 5. Katie McDaniel and Madison Meffordm Gilchrist.

Introduction to Parliamentary: 6. Dalia Barajas, Lost River; Daniel Zacarias, Lost River.

Marketing: 6. Megan Southard, Bonanza; 10. Brandon Gailey, Jacob Stacey and Ben Whalen, Mazama.

Website Design: 6. Giselle Cobian and Isabel Venegas, Lost River; 8. Yulisa Alonzo, Suzy Cobian and Giovanni Rizo, Lost River.

Public Service Announcement: 6. Bianca Aguirre, Dalia Barajas and Luis Romero, Lost River.

Spreadsheet Applications: 7. Jackson Boulter, Mazama.

Social Media Campaign: 10. Michael Clapp, Gilchrist.

Business Calcucation: Julianna Budnick, Mazama.

The results for area chapters were:

Chapter Website: 2. Mazama.

Chapter Newsletter: 3. Mazama.

Digital Scrapbook: 6. Mazama.

Local Chapter Annual Business Report: 6. Mazama.

Chapter Scrapbook: 9. Mazama.