Sharon Forster


According to the Lake County Examiner, elected Lake County District Attorney Sharon Forster resigned from her position on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

The resignation was confirmed by the Examiner through the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Department.

Forster’s resignation comes after months of controversy surrounding her practice of disqualifying Judge Nichols, the sole Lake County judge, from presiding over all criminal cases. The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office had also approved a petition to recall Forster last week brought by Lake County citizens.

Amanda O’Bryan, a member of the petition group, said that before Forster resigned on Tuesday, the group submitted the required signatures earlier in the day to validate the recall petition and bring it to a vote.

The group submitted 732 signatures, O’Bryan said: that’s 252 more than the 480 required for validation.

Forster’s resignation includes a grace period that lasts until Sunday, O’Bryan said, so the petition group does not plan to cease efforts until she is officially out of office and replaced by a new governor-appointed interim DA.

O’Bryan said she was somewhat surprised by Forster’s resignation, but the group was prepared for any outcome — she said people had called them since hearing of Forster’s resignation who were still interested in signing the petition anyway.

“I think that’s a pretty clear signal,” O’Bryan said. “It shows that the voters have a voice and that they were heard.”

Forster, the Oregon Secretary Of State Election Department and the Lake County Business Services Department could not be reached for comment by press-time.

The Herald and News will continue to report on this story as more information becomes available.