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After the holidays most of us feel a little sluggish from over-eating, over-spending and over-stressed.

These feelings one at a time are hard enough on us, but when you put them all together, they can be overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to help you feel better soon and help you plan so that next year is more manageable.


With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, you’ve probably indulged more than you wanted to or just couldn’t resist all the goodies made by everyone. It definitely was not a good time to start a diet or even try to stay on one, but in case you did and resisted all the calories, then congratulations!

But now is time to cut back on the goodies and caloric intake, exercise and commit to eating better. If you want to start a “diet,” research which one you want to try. If it is expensive (to join, buy the food or supplements), be sure to budget for it. You also need to make sure that you have the extra time it may take or it can interrupt your daily schedule. You may have to pay more for the right kind of foods, but you probably will eat less quantity of them.

If you don’t want to go through the expense of joining a gym to exercise, then exercise at home or walk or bike. It shouldn’t cost much more to “slim down.” In fact, it should cost less since you will possibly buy less.


If you overspent during the holidays by giving expensive or a lot of presents, now is the time to start to dig out from under those credit card charges. Hopefully there isn’t any major item needing fixed or purchased at this time, so start paying off your highest interest credit cards first. If you pay the minimum amount on the rest and as much as you can toward to expensive interest ones, they will begin to be paid off and then tackle the next expensive interest one.

Before you know it, especially if you budget a certain amount for a larger payment, then they hopefully will be paid off before the next holiday gift-giving season. The best thing you can do for your well-being is to save a certain amount monthly so that when you need to buy a gift, the money is there and you don’t incur any interest fees. You will have to discipline yourself not to dip into the money for other things though.


There are all kinds of ways to relax: meditate, yoga, exercise, swim, read, nap, take in a spa, play your favorite game or sport, watch TV, listen to music, play an instrument or just plain do nothing. Pick what best relaxes you and take the time to really accomplish it so you can be totally rejuvenated.

Learn from what you’ve just gone through so you aren’t so overwhelmed next year. Maybe decide to limit the goodies at the various events so you can enjoy just one or two things and not all. Decide to draw names to give gifts to so that you don’t have to buy for everyone (I’m sure others’ budgets would like that idea also).

Use your decorations from this last year and don’t spend money on new ones next year. Wear your festive holiday clothes to different parties next year and no one will know the difference but you. Don’t plan everything at once; take on one task, party or gift at a time. Buy gifts as you see them throughout the year for the ones you give gifts to, especially if they are on sale. Let others help with your holiday party so the load doesn’t completely fall just on you. Resist temptations to overindulge. Take time for yourself in between events to relax and enjoy, so you don’t burn out.