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The pair of Randall Paul-Carol McClure won overall first place in Flight A at a special duplicate bridge game in Klamath Falls last Tuesday morning.

The pair of Bobby Thompson-Doug Higgs was second overall in Flight A, the pair of Keith Thorp-Reid Sherwin was first overall in Flight B, and the pair of Tom and Petra Gellner was first overall in Flight C.

In the weekly Thursday morning game, the pair of McClure-Thompson gained the lone first place.

Anyone interested in playing in the regular bridge games, which are held weekly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and monthly on Sunday afternoon, is encouraged to call Bobby Thompson at 541-331-0524.

Tuesday, 11 a.m., special flighted club game: Flight A, Overall, 1. Randall Paul-Carol McClure; 2. Bobby Thompson-Doug Higgs; 3. Keith Thorp-Reid Sherwin. Flight B, Overall, 1. Thorp-Sherwin; 2. Tom and Petra Gellner. Flight C, Overall, 1. Tom and Petra Gellner; 2. Judy Shelton-Patti Collom.

Thursday, 11 a.m., weekly flighted club game: Flight A, 1. Carol McClure-Bobby Thompson; 2. Keith Thorp-Ethel Rust. Flight B, 1. Thorp-Rust; 2. Gail Pfrimmer-Doug Higgs. Flight C, 1. Petra and Tom Gellner.