Competitors from the Klamath Union DECA team

Dressed professionally and feeling confident, emerging leaders from various high schools in Southern Oregon competed in the District III DECA competition at Oregon Tech.

The event featured DECA role plays on a business situation judged by volunteers from Klamath Falls and a multiple choice test.

DECA, an acronym for Distributive Education Clubs of America, helps high schoolers develop leadership skills and obtain experiences in the areas of marketing, business, hospitality, and many more.

DECA competitions are composed of specific industries in which students can choose to compete.

126 students from Klamath Union High School (KU), Henley High School, North Medford High School, South Medford High School, Crater High School, and Phoenix High School competed.

KU sent 39 members ranging from first year to experienced veterans.

The names of the winners are listed according to the events they competed in.

Restaurant and Food Management

Mabel Riley — 1st in the exam, 1st in the first roleplay, and 3rd overall.

Apparel and Accessories Marketing

Katherine Brown — 1st in the exam, 1st in the first roleplay, and 2nd overall.

William McAtee — 1st in the exam

Cassidy Bogatay — 2nd in the exam, 2nd in the first roleplay, 1st in the second roleplay, and 1st overall.

Retail Marketing

Walter Hartley — 1st in the exam.

Marketing Communications

Abigail Cook — 1st in the first roleplay.

Food Marketing

Ameesha Hazarika — 2nd in the first roleplay, 3rd in the second roleplay, and 2nd overall.

Travel and Tourism Team Decision

Alyse Perez and Brooke Nelson — 1st in the exam, 1st in the roleplay and 1st overall.