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We are fortunate to have quite a selection of stores with different merchandise in the Klamath Falls area to be able to comparison shop for the items we need. If you have the time to read the weekly ads and go to various stores, you will be able to save quite a bit.


The Herald and News carries different store ads in the paper almost every day, with most stores set to have their ads in a certain day of the week religiously. Some ads run Sunday through Saturday, some Wednesday through Tuesday and the ads generally last for a week. The point in comparison shopping is to compare the same item at more then one store and buy it at the best pricing. Therefore having current ads with sale prices help you do that in the convenience of your home. Now, there are times when you are looking for an item that is not in an ad that you actually need to go to the various stores to compare the prices. There are also some stores that will match the sale price of an item from another store. You can always check online to see what is available and prices – just remember that you will have to wait for it to be shipped to you.


In addition to sale prices in the store ads, there might be other discounts available. Some stores post if they honor senior or military discounts, but other stores you may just need to ask. Be sure to know the parameters of those discounts. There is probably an age requirement for a senior discount, with some stores acknowledging anyone over the age of 50, while other require seniors to be 65, and anywhere in between at other stores. With a military discount, they may only require you to have proof of military service sometime in your life, while others require you to be currently in the military. Other discounts could require you to sign up for a free rewards program that gives you coupons, rewards cash back to use in their store, or a special day of the week or month to shop at a discount. What would it hurt to sign up for a rewards club if all they are going to give you is discounts? Discounts that are not in the ads that you need to consider are in the clearance bin or aisle which contains items that may be out-of-date (but nothing wrong if the dates are relatively recent depending on the item) or maybe from overstock. Almost nearly every store has their “clearance” section.

Know Your Store

You probably have your favorite stores to shop in and therefore know where everything is in those stores which saves you time during your shopping experience. I know I get frustrated when the store moves things around and it costs me time to find what I need. You need to be familiar with the store’s days and hours they are open. Of course if you don’t know you can always pick up the phone and call them or look online at their website (where you’ll also be able to see what they carry if you are not familiar with the store). You may also know what days of the week are better to shop at those stores so they are not so crowded or when the best prices are available.

Big Box Stores vs. Mom & Pop Stores

Take time and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of shopping the big box/chain stores vs. mom and pop establishments. The larger stores tend to have lower pricing due to quantity buying and offer a larger selection of almost anything – one stop shopping. The smaller establishments tend to be less crowded, have shorter linesat the checkout, be located closer to your home, and give you a more personal service, but may have slightly higher prices.

When you are comparison shopping you’ll need to consider which store carries what you need and when you can work it in your schedule to get there to buy it. Some sale items are limited and the ads should note that, so your timing comes into play if you want to get the item before it’s sold out. Also plan your route so you use minimum gas and time by putting several errands together for additional savings – finding a parking place and getting in and out of your car can, in and of itself, can be exhausting. If you don’t see a sale price on the item you want (especially large priced items), it doesn’t hurt to ask a salesclerk if they know if there will be a sale coming up soon. Comparison shopping is not being cheap; it is using your money wisely by saving as much as you can.