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CHILOQUIN — The city of Chiloquin recently received a $702,000 grant from Business Oregon’s Community Development Block Grant program for a new sewer facility.

Chiloquin mayor Mark Cobb said they applied for the grant about 30 days ago.

He said the new facility will cost about $2.5 million, and this is the first grant they have received for it.

Cobb said the city hopes to fund the entire project through grants, and is in the process of applying for more.

The project is two to three years out from completion, he said. Their first step is to conduct an environmental review of the proposed facility to site to ensure it does not encroach on cultural or historical sites, and will not have a negative impact of the surrounding area.

Cobb said that Chiloquin has been in talks with the Department of Energy Quality to replace their sewer system for six to eight years.

In 2012, Chiloquin completed a $500,000 upgrade of their system which Cobb said “addressed some immediate concerns” but was essentially implemented to buy time before implementing the new system.