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Marriage licenses were issued in April by the Klamath County Clerk’s Office to the following couples:

Raymond Albert Beard, 84, Klamath Falls, and Mary Eileen Hamilton, 75, Boulder Creek, Calif.

Kayla Maria Ostlund, 29, Redding, Calif., and Justin Lee Singletary, 28, Klamath Falls.

Aliesha Ann Hilker, 40, and Debbie Lee McCornack, 39, both Klamath Falls.

Jasmine Darlene Lopez, 21, and Brian Nathaniel Keen, 20, both Klamath Falls.

Michael Christopher Heath, 38, and Jenny Frances Nickell, 35, both Klamath Falls.

Kristy Lynn Jacobs, 28, and Samuel Delmar Moxley, 31, both Bonanza.

Mikayla Kristen Marie Shave, 25, Thomas Andrew Seth Alvarez, 37, both Klamath Falls.

Timothy Edward Profitt, 43, and Tinisha Rachelle Lavine, 41, both Chiloquin.

Teresa Lemus Magnana, 48, and Rosalio Cazarez Hernandez, 38, both Malin.

Kenneth Lowe Lybrand, 58, Garden Grove, Calif., and Isabel Torres Malpica, 46, Westminister, Calif.

Ingrid Roxana Iverson, 42, and Roy Jenry Hagen Jr., 86, both Klamath Falls.

Mariah Danielle Grau, 23, and Seth Allyn Waites, 25, both Klamath Falls.

Lil Anna Mason, 31, and Michel Andy Koopman, 39, both Klamath Falls.

Julie Virginia Ellen Norris, 60, Sacramento, Calif., and Richard Ray Rodgers, 69, Klamath Falls.

Ivonne Soraya Strader, 35, and Tanner Dale McDougal, 27, both Klamath Falls.

Carmen Cecilia Ortega Trejos, 35, El Cerrito, Calif., and Hector Manuel Villanueva Luna, 37, Grants Pass.

Jessiah Marie Didway, 26, and Jessica Ann Chaulet, 27, both Klamath Falls.

Charles Lee Ellis, 53, and Josephine Cano Gallinito, 45, both Klamath Falls.

Casandra Michelle Williamson, 22, and Kyle Matthew McGregor, 33, both Klamath Falls.

Savannah Heather Harrison, 19, and Steven Leslie Tripp Jr., 19, both Klamath Falls.

Kelsey Morgan Kelly, 34, and Cole Ethan Harrison, 26, both Klamath Falls.

Michael Howard Milem Jr., 31, and Sierra Dawn Meeks, 30, both Klamath Falls.

Brian Ivan Truett, 70, and Carmen L. Carney, 98, both Klamath Falls.

Juliana Arriola, 33, and Juan Manuel Gonzalez Velador, 29, both Klamath Falls.

Sonnie Sophia Kirchner, 47, and Walter Earnest Kirchner, 52, both Bonanza.

Sevannah Kay Danielle Menke, 27, and Kyle Joseph Johnson-Beeson, 27, both Klamath Falls.

Breanna Elizabeth Mattox, 20, and Dalton Kaleb Bowman, 21, both Klamath Falls.

Amanda Lelani Wieting, 28, and Joshua James Bailey, 32, both Klamath Falls.