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11-21 Hudson anniversary

Dorothy and Mike Hudson

Michael and Dorothy have been married for 50 years, as of Nov. 25, 2020.

Part of the deal between Mike and Dorothy was that if she married him he'd buy her a Corvette for their 25th anniversary. Here we are at 50 years and still no Corvette, so like Dorothy's kids know, she's pretty darn tolerant and forgiving.

The marriage wasn't without saintly sacrifice for Mike as well, because after a few years of marriage they started having kids. At that point Mike did the right thing and sold his hunting Jeep, hot rods, and all of his motorcycles.

They ended up with four children and nine grandchildren. Given how good looking they all are, there are certainly some great-grandchildren on the way at some point.

Mike and Dorothy graduated from Klamath Union in 1967 and 1969, respectively, and were married Nov. 25, 1970 at Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Klamath Falls.

Dorothy has been a successful accountant and small business owner in the Klamath Basin for more than 30 years. Mike achieved a Bachelor’s Degree at OIT, then a Master's Degree in Industrial Relations from University of Oregon, which led to his career in public service.

Mike retired from his career at the State of Oregon employment department in 2009, and Dorothy will retire at some point, we hope. She keeps saying she will.

They are both avid Ducks fans, and two of their children ended up attending the University of Oregon (we don't talk about the ones who went to OSU). Mike finally got his motorcycles and hot rods back once the kids were grown, and Dorothy has filled the Corvette-sized hole in her heart with world travel and spending time with her beautiful grandkids.

Given the current global health crisis the celebration will be small and private, but feel free to offer congratulations when seen around town. Their relationship has been a boon to not only their family but to their community as well. Congratulations Mike and Dotty!