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The remaining 30 will be transferred to other positions within the facility.

According to Jeff Moresi, Columbia human resources manager, those being laid-off will have the option to continue their benefits at discounted active employee rates. Columbia is also working with state and federal agencies to secure any additional support that could be available to them.

Import impacts

Plant Manager Randy Marsh commented that “Columbia and the entire domestic hardwood plywood industry has fought a long and challenging battle against unfair and imbalanced Chinese trade practices. First, with hardwood plywood. More recently, imported Chinese cabinets. The combined and sustained impact of these and other factors have eroded our market opportunities to the point where we could not support the requirements of this shift at the Klamath Falls facility.”

The company expects this to be a temporary situation but cannot estimate when the shift will be re-started.

According to the news release, Columbia was established in 1957 and is North America’s leading manufacturer of decorative hardwood plywood and veneer, and an employee-owned company.