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The Sky Lakes Collaborative Health Center is set to open its doors to patients on Jan. 6.

The Sky Lakes Collaborative Health Center is set to open its doors on Jan. 6.

The center is a $50 million, 100,000-square-foot building. It is a partnership between Sky Lakes and Oregon Health & Science University.

The grand opening event will take place from 2 to 4 p.m. Dec. 12 from and is open to everyone. It will include tours of the new facility. There will be a VIP event that is invite-only on the same day at 1 p.m.

The top two floors of the building, which is located on Campus Drive near the main Sky Lakes Medical Center, will be the new home of five Sky Lakes primary care clinics. Doctors and their patients from Sky Lakes primary care clinics scattered around Klamath Falls will all consolidate in the new building.

Sky Lakes spokesman Tom Hottman said the proximity of the primary care clinics to the hospital and to each other will simplify things for patients.

“This really is a change that will benefit patients,” Hottman said.

Specialty care

Hottman said some of the primary care clinics around town are leased and Sky Lakes will simply stop leasing them. The ones owned by Sky Lakes will be converted into specialty care.

In the new Collaborative Center, patients can get imaging and care all in the same spot. More doctors in one location also means more opportunity for cross-scheduling and more doctors available for walk-in appointments, according to Hottman.

Communication between the Sky Lakes building and the Collaborative Health Center will also be extremely fast, as there are pneumatic tubes between the two that can send things in less than a minute.

The primary care facility is expected to have 50 to 60 doctors with room for expansion.

The center will also have imaging services, classrooms and offices.

Anniversary date

The timing of the opening coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Cascades East Family Medicine Residency Program in Klamath Falls. The new building will give the program an opportunity to grow.

Cascades East has trained about 150 residents so far in Klamath Falls, and according to Sky Lakes, about half of those doctors have decided to remain in Klamath Falls to continue practicing medicine.

A new parking lot for employees is under construction near the current employee-only parking lot.