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Klamath County is working on a temporary childcare facility at the Fairgrounds to host kids while they can’t attend schools.

Commissioner Derrick DeGroot said childcare availability has been an issue since before the COVID-19 outbreak, but with schools not opening their doors on September 8, many working parents need somewhere to send their kids.

The board of commissioners has been coordinating with childcare providers in the area for a solution to the drastic need.

Many of the specifics of the service are still in the works, including when it will open. DeGroot said they’re working hard to begin accepting kids on September 8, but they might be just past that deadline.

A survey on the Klamath County Fairgrounds’s website asked parents things like the best pick up and drop off times, ages of kids interested and pricing.

State-allocated CARES funding would fund the service initially, but parents must also pay.

“The target continues to move,” DeGroot said. “We’re all doing our best to be sure we’re within the guidelines.”

DeGroot anticipates they’ll be ready for about 60 kids initially, but predicts the service can expand to accommodate around 200 kids. The service will primarily focus on fourth through sixth graders as the younger kids can either go to school or attend other daycares.

The goal is for students to do their distance learning while at the facility, too.

Once schools reopen and the fairgrounds can reopen, the childcare service will go away so that the community can work toward getting back to normal, DeGroot said.

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