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Brandon Herring

Stunning photos like this one of clouds rising out of the Crater Lake caldera fill a new photography book of the region.

Spectacular images of Crater Lake, Mount McLoughlin, the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge and other areas of the Klamath Basin are among those featured in two new photography books, “Southern Oregon” and “Oregon,” by Barbara Tricarico.

Both books feature images by more than 50 photographers, including Tricarico.

“It’s not about me,” she explained of the diverse collection. “I think it’s nice to have different photographers. That’s one of the great aspects of doing this I have satisfaction knowing that the books include photographs by my buddies. It brings them recognition that, in some cases, some of them haven’t had before.”

Tricarico, 72, and her husband, Bill, moved from the Washington, D.C., area, their home for 40 years, to Ashland 10 years ago after spending a few years trying to decide where they wanted to retire.

“We fell in love with the area,” she said of the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon.

While living on the East Coast, she edited a book, “Quilts of Virginia,” for Schiffer Publishing. Following its success, the publishers encouraged her to do other work. Since moving to Oregon, Tricarico has organized and edited two other coffee table photography books, “Oregon: Ashland, Oregon,” and “Ashland Day Trips.” She met many of the people whose photographs are featured in those and her new books through a regional photography club.

“You do it because you love it,” she said, noting she is coordinating three more mini photo books – “Eastern Oregon,” “Greater Portland” and “Willamette Valley” – for publication later this year. In addition, Tricarico is already planning a mini-sized Jacksonville book in 2022.

In compiling the books, Tricarico puts out requests to regional photographers for images they are willing to provide. She said it takes six to eight months to gather and cull through often thousands of images, narrow them by region, create the layout and write captions before sending them to Pennsylvania-based Schiffler Publishing.

“That’s the satisfaction for me,” she said. “Finding the right image.”

She went all over Oregon to gather and photograph for her new “Oregon” book. Among the published photos are several she took at the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge and Crater Lake National Park.

Both of the new books include a variety of stunning photos taken at Crater Lake from little seen vantages. Among the most evocative is the dazzling cover photo showing clouds moving up from the lake along the caldera rim, snapped by Brandon Herring, and a remarkable image of the Pinnacles taken by Tricarico, who has made dozens of Crater Lake visits over the past decade.

“Southern Oregon” features more than 100 photos, with a diverse and eclectic variety of images including an aurora borealis over Wizard Island, snow geese at the Klamath wildlife refuge, dandelion whirls, a bicyclist riding through Hawthorne Park in Medford, Pilot Rock in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Wildlife, Toketee Falls, the Medford Railroad Park and many more.

The “Oregon” book is divided into regions as devised by Travel Oregon – Portland, Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood; Southern Oregon; Eastern Oregon; Central Oregon; Willamette Valley; and Oregon Coast. Among the 200-plus photos are images of the Milky Way over Mount Hood, snow- and ice-draped Multnomah Falls, a curious black bear, a howling wolf, the Frenchglen Hotel, a cattle drive near Joseph, Fort Rock, Thor’s Well, Bandon beach evening, Portland’s Marquam Bridge and Willamette from the Portland aerial tram, a cowboy riding horseback along Highway 205, Northern Pacific rattlesnake, and, among Tricarico’s dozens of favorites, a series of 2017’s total solar eclipse.


“Southern Oregon” and “Oregon” are available in Klamath Falls at Canvasback Books. They can also be purchased at bookstores in Medford, Ashland and around the state, or by contacting through her Facebook page at Barbara Tricarico Photography or her website at