Julie Thomson was waiting to find the perfect location for her business and now she believes she has done just that.

Thomson, owner of Young at Heart Toys, 628 Main St., recently located her business in downtown Klamath Falls in early September after being away from downtown for several years.

“I decided this was a great location,” Thomson said. “I’m just a downtown girl. I just have tried other places but really — I just think it’s a great spot, it’s central, you can walk and shop.”

Downtown Association President Mike Angeli said he was thrilled when Thomson decided to come back, and for all businesses who chose to do so. Angeli said he is starting to see positive movement of businesses filling up downtown storefronts.

“That’s been our goal,” Angeli said, of bring more businesses to downtown. “I’m starting to see a little move that way. We’re seeing a little bit of a comeback.”

Angeli said the rent in downtown Klamath Falls used to be more expensive. Since the recession, that has changed, make it a good environment for budding businesses. He added a book store and more retail stores would also be welcome downtown.

“It’s a great place to get your teeth cut in the market without going broke,” Angeli said. “The bang for your buck is there.”

Periwinkle owner Linda Warner, herself adding two additional stores to downtown, helped sway Thomson’s decision to come back. Warner said she expanded her store into Periwinkle Home and Periman’s, adding to her original consignment shop.

“I definitely nagged her into coming back downtown,” Warner said. “I was just thrilled to death when I heard she was coming back. She was a perfect fit.”

Thomson encourages window shopping and for children to play with the numerous toys in stock.

After being located in the Klamath Village at a more than 3,000-square-foot building, she said she enjoys the close-knit setting of a 2,000 square foot store in close proximity to a community of business owners.

“What I really like about downtown is it’s got a more community feel,” Thomson said.

“I didn’t really get to know the folks as well as I did when I was down here,” Thomson said. “Since I’ve been back here, I have seen so many children that have grown up and come back, and it’s amazing. It feels so good.”

Thomson celebrates the grand opening of the store on Saturday, Nov. 30. Belle from Beauty and the Beast will be there to take photos with children and prizes will also be available.

For more information, contact Young at Heart Toys at 541-287-1580.