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Todd Andres

Todd Andres will soon take over as regional business manager for additional Pacific Power service areas, including Siskiyou and Modoc counties.

Pacific Power Regional Community Manager Todd Andres will soon add the company’s northern California region to his area of responsibility, as Monte Mendenhall, regional business manager for Pacific Power, retires March 9 after 40 years with the utility. Mendenhall introduced Andres to the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors Feb. 4 and noted that Andres will manage the new areas while continuing to reside in Klamath Falls.

Andres, who also serves on the Klamath Falls City Council, detailed Tuesday that he’s currently in charge of managing Lake and Klamath counties for Pacific Power. When Mendenhall retires, Andres will assume responsibility for business and community management of Pacific Power’s service area in Siskiyou, Modoc, and a small part of Shasta County as well.

Andres has been with Pacific Power for six years and has worked alongside Mendenhall the entire time. He is already familiar with the northern California area because he managed it in his first year with Pacific Power, before Mendenhall assumed the role. “It’s just a great area and I’ve missed it over the last four plus years,” he told the Siskiyou County supervisors Tuesday.

“I know there are issues here with wildfire,” he said, alluding to the numerous dramatic blazes that have ravaged the northern California landscape in recent years. Andres committed to continue addressing wildfire issues and being “proactive” in managing the threat.

“I’m working on readjusting my days here and there,” he said of configuring his work schedule to be sure he’s giving proper attention to all the communities he serves. As a regional business manager with Pacific Power, he is responsible for working with large industrial customers like CG Roxanne in Siskiyou County and Columbia Forest Products and Collins wood products companies in Oregon.

He also communicates with local government officials, like the Siskiyou supervisors and various city managers, to keep them apprised of Pacific Power’s activities in the region and maintain open lines of communication.

And as a representative of the Pacific Power Foundation — the philanthropic arm of Pacific Power — in his territory, Andres said he also helps promote energy efficiency and wildfire management and education.

Andres was previously a developer with the Running Y Ranch Resort but said he was looking for something new when he decided to apply with Pacific Power. He said the company liked his history of community involvement. Conversely, he expressed, “I believed in what Pacific Power was doing.” After making the career shift, Andres said, “I haven’t been sorry since.”