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Brevada Brewhouse is serving up a totally new type of brew; the local coffee shop has extended its hours and now serves beer and wine.

In addition to the new range of libations, Brevada is also hosting a variety of evening events like art shows, trivia nights and live music.

“Every week we’re trying to do something fun to just get people out of their houses or away from work,” said co-owner Madison McCuiston.

The owners, who are a trio of Oregon Tech alumni, say that they always planned on rolling out the evening refreshments, and are excited to continue serving locally sourced products and ingredients.

“Almost all of it is Oregon based and that’s pretty important to us,” said co-owner Seth Gretz.

“Our motto also is ‘Keep it local, keep it fresh,’ ” agreed McCuiston.

“We actually have Skyline on tap, which is from here in Klamath Falls and then we have a cider on tap as well from Grants Pass, and I would say 90% of our wines are local. They’re almost all from Northern California, Oregon or Washington,” Gretz said.

“It’s really nice having [Skyline] on tap. They’re an amazing company. We are super lucky to be growing with them,” said co-owner David Murphy.

The three opened Brevada while going to Oregon Tech, and they say they love running the coffee shop, which is located near campus, at 2229 N. Eldorado Ave.

“It is so rewarding to come in and serve cool customers and it’s such an interesting job, the fact that you get so much human interaction. The three of us, especially, really thrive off of that, we love talking to people. We love getting to know people,” Gretz said.

Brevada will also be opening a coffee stand in the new Sky Lakes Medical Center facility, the Collaborative Health Center, in February.

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