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Ride the Rim

A bicyclist enjoys a previous year’s Ride the Rim event at Crater Lake.

The “Ride the Rim” bicycling event returns to Crater Lake in September.

After a year’s absence because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Crater Lake National Park officials and Discover Klamath Visitor & Convention Bureau say the Ride the Rim Days are set for September 11 and 18, both Saturdays.

Both days, 24 miles of Rim Drive from the north entrance to the park headquarters area will be closed to motorized vehicles. The road will be open only for bicyclists, walkers and runners.

Even though the event is months away, more than 2,800 people have registered for the two weekend days. The ride had 2,000 participants in 2019 and 2,020 in 2018 and has typically attracted bicyclists from around the nation and internationally. The event is free but participants are urged to make $10 donations to help cover costs.

Some changes are being made because of COVID concerns, although those could change in coming weeks. Among the most impacting changes is that shuttle service will not be offered to transport participants from park headquarters in Munson Valley to the North Junction, where most participants begin.

“With the current COVID guidelines in place it’s just not feasible to transport so few at one time,” Ackerman said. “This will make the challenge even greater should you choose to ride the entire 33-mile rim … or you may want to plan to ride out and back instead.”

Unless federal guidelines change, people will be required to wear masks at rest stops and at congested areas. At the rest stops, a designated person wearing sanitized gloves will dispense water.