Klamath County School Board protest

A protest of over a hundred people opposed to the governor’s mask and vaccine mandates attended the Klamath County School Board meeting Thursday, which occurred partially in the district office’s parking lot.

The public comment portion of the scheduled Klamath County School Board meeting was taken outside Thursday to allow members of a protest of over 100 people opposed to mask and vaccine mandates to speak before the board.

Members of the protest refused to wear masks to the indoor public meeting, so the board opted to move part of the meeting to the front parking lot of the district’s central office on Greensprings Drive. Board chairman John Rademacher told the crowd that the district would risk fines if they were allowed in.

Klamath County School District meeting

Klamath County School District Board Chair John Rademacher reads the district’s resolution asking for the return of local control of health-related measures to local health authorities with members of the protest reflected in the window behind him.

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