Area of known wolf activity

Area of known wolf activity

On Nov. 15 another livestock death in Klamath County was confirmed to be caused by a wolf known as LAS13.

Since late October, five other livestock deaths have been attributed to the same wolf, which is believed to have broken off from the Lassen Pack in northern California.

A spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said an investigation completed Monday on a Bly area ranch in eastern Klamath County determined the death of a 550-pound yearling was caused by LAS13.

The report said the ranch manager was checking livestock on a privately-owned, 110-acre pasture earlier that day. According to the report, the injuries were estimated to be 2-3 weeks old. Investigators shaved, skinned and examined most of the carcass.

In February, ODFW designated a new AKWA, or area of known wolf activity, in portions of Lake, Klamath and Deschutes counties. According to the agency LAS13M is a male wolf believed to traveling alone that left the Lassen Pack in California in late 2020.