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Integral Youth Services would like to take a moment to share with the community all of the changes we are undergoing. There have been some concerns from the community that IYS is closing its doors, however this is not the case.

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Since 2018 Oregon Institute of Technology, “Oregon Tech,” associate professor Christopher Syrnyk, Ph.D., has been working with Crater Lake National Park on a National Collegiate Honors Council project for their Partners in the Parks committee.

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Downtown hotel construction, Klamath employment and student success were on the minds of speakers Thursday night as the Klamath County Economic Development Association held its largest annual meeting and dinner to date.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea said Thursday it will terminate an intelligence-sharing deal with Japan that focused on classified information about North Korea, a surprise announcement that is likely to set back U.S. efforts to bolster security cooperation with two of its most importa…

TASIILAQ, Greenland (AP) — From a helicopter, Greenland's brilliant white ice and dark mountains make the desolation seem to go on forever. And the few people who live here — its whole population wouldn't fill a football stadium — are poor, with a high rate of substance abuse and suicide.

The pair of Reid Sherwin-Randall Paul won the lone first place at the weekly Tuesday morning game with a 70.24 percent score in duplicate bridge competition in Klamath Falls this past week.

CHICAGO (AP) — Cyberattacks that recently crippled nearly two dozen Texas cities have put other local governments on guard, offering the latest evidence that hackers can halt routine operations by locking up computers and public records and demanding steep ransoms.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The major online pot shop directory and cannabis marketplace Weedmaps announced Wednesday that it will no longer allow black-market businesses to advertise on its site, a decision that could boost California’s efforts to rein in its vast illegal market.

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The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office isn’t involved in monitoring anti-Jordan Cove Energy Project activists’ social media accounts, according to Brad O’Dell, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.