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As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 112 people booked in the Klamath County Jail, which has a current capacity of 152.

Booked in the Klamath County Jail

Daren Jay Moore, Klamath Falls, Burglary 2nd Degree, Theft 1st Degree — aggravated, held in lieu of $35,000 bail.

Keturah Belle Hayles, Klamath Falls, probation violation, held without bail

Jessica Rose Campos, Klamath Falls, unlawful delivery of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Timothy Earl Dahl, Klamath Falls, parole violation, failure to appear — bench warrant, held in lieu of $5,000 bail

Jason Dean Blevins, Lakeview, probation violation, held without bail


Ryan Timothy Davenport, Klamath Falls, driving under the influence of alcohol


Division Street, 1000 block, fight reported Monday evening

Greensprings Drive, 1600 block, assault reported Monday night

Iowa Street, 100 block, assault reported Monday night

North 2nd Street, 100 block, assault reported Monday night

3800 Boardman Avenue, 3800 block, assault reported Tuesday afternoon

Burglary, theft and vandalism

North Hills Drive, 5700 block, vandalism reported Monday night

Addison Street, 500 block, burglary reported Monday night

Union Avenue, 2200 block, vandalism reported Tuesday morning

Lookout Avenue, 1500 block, theft reported Tuesday morning

North Eldorado Boulevard, 2100 block, theft reported Tuesday morning

Williamson River Road/Sprague River Road, stolen vehicle reported Tuesday afternoon

South 6th Street, 2300 block, vandalism reported Tuesday afternoon

Stukel Street, 2100 block, burglary reported Tuesday afternoon

Kiwanis Park, theft reported Tuesday night


Washburn Way, 3600 block, non-injury accident reported Monday evening

Running Y, hit and run reported Monday evening

Doak Mountain, hit and run reported with injuries Monday evening

Lakeshore Drive/OR 140 West, non-injury accident reported Tuesday morning

South 6th Street, 6400 block, hit and run reported Tuesday morning

Shasta Way/Dayton Street, hit and run reported Tuesday afternoon

Homedale Road, 10200 block, aircraft accident reported Tuesday afternoon

County Courthouse, non-injury accident reported Tuesday afternoon

Fire, medical aid


5:46 p.m., medical, Avalon Place, 4200 block

6:18 p.m., medical, Skyridge Drive, 200 block

6:56 p.m., medical, Ponderosa Lane, 18100 block

9:57 p.m., medical, South 5th Street, 300 block

10:23 p.m., medical, Country Road 121, 3400 block

10:32 p.m., medical, Glendale, 500 block

11:37 p.m., medical, Sunshine Place, 3200 block

11:58 p.m., medical, Oregon Avenue, 1700 block


5:24 a.m., medical, North Eldorado Boulevard, 2100 block

5:43 a.m., medical, North Laguna Street, 100 block

10:16 a.m., medical, South 6th Street, 2000 block

1:18 p.m., medical, South 6th Street, 4300 block

1:27 p.m., medical, Kimberly Drive, 2200 block

1:46 p.m., medical, Rio Vista Way, 3800 block

2:13 p.m., medical, Highway 97 North, milepoint 3611

2:24 p.m., medical, Drazil Road, 19000 block

2:25 p.m., medical, Madison Street, 1300 block

3:52 p.m., medical, Main Street, 0 block