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CHILOQUIN — Few details have been released about a Friday night shooting in Chiloquin that sent one man to the hospital and led to a manhunt for the shooter.

Few details, that is, except the intervention of a dog named Ossifer who took three bullets and lived to share his tale.

According to a representative of Happy Pet Vet, based in Klamath Falls, the office received a call Friday evening about an American pit bull shot three times with a small-caliber gun. The dog was rushed to surgery at East Ridge Animal Hospital in critical condition.

“It is extremely rare for a dog to survive that,” said the representative, who did not wish to be named due to the sensitivity of the investigation.

She said Dr. Tawnia Shaw performed surgery for roughly five hours. Ossifer had to be revived at least once after dying on the table, but pulled through and went back home to his family Sunday.

The clinic representative said one of the reasons Ossifer was able to survive was his tremendous health. She said his family “take really good care of him” and exercised him regularly.

“That dog was fit, it was in athlete-type condition,” she said.

Bridgette Glenn, mother of the shooting victim, said Ossifer was the reason more people were not harmed during the incident. The shooting occurred at around 5:35 p.m. in a home near the intersection of South Second Avenue and West Blockinger Street.

“He’s our hero,” said Glenn. “…It was an amazing thing.”

She said, after the victim was shot, Ossifer lunged at the shooter and was himself shot in the torso. She said the suspect — who had yet to be arrested as of press time — may have sustained defensive wounds from the dog’s counterattack.

Now that Ossifer is recovering, his family is turning to the community for help with vet bills, which total around $5,000. Happy Pet Vet has set up a donation account through Chris Watkins State Farm, in Klamath Falls, and plan to develop online options in the coming days.

Potential donors, or those with questions, can also call the clinic directly at 541-810-1772.