No injuries were reported as authorities responded to a fire at a vacant house in Klamath Falls Tuesday morning.

Called in shortly before 9 a.m., firefighters arrived to find the garage of the house at 1005 Prospect St. fully engulfed in flames and spreading to the rest of the residence.

Klamath County Fire District 1 Battalion Chief Scott Brainard said the house was unoccupied at the time of the fire. He said District 1 and the Kingsley Field Fire Department responded, as well as the Klamath Falls Police Department, Pacific Power & Light and Avista.

No injuries to either firefighters or civilians were reported.

The incident had been called in by resident Cathy Peterson, who was driving by when she saw smoke coming from the corner of the garage. She said there was no chimney or smokestack in that area of the house and assumed it was a structure fire.

Peterson said she saw the door to the side of the garage was open, and said someone may have been in the garage trying to keep warm and accidentally started the fire. Brainard said, as of that morning, he could neither confirm nor deny that as a possible cause.

Resident Mary Bridges, who lives just across the street, also saw the fire as it was spreading, and said she was worried sparks from the blaze were blowing too close to her home.

“It was big,” she said of the fire. “Thank god for our firemen.”

Bridges confirm the house had not been rented out to anyone since the previous tenants vacated and said she hopes the landlord had insurance.

“Thank god it was snowing today, or it might have been worse,” she said.