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Small cannabis plants

In this file photo, rows of cannabis plants growing at A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives in Klamath Falls, Monday, March 12.

Since the vote to approve recreational marijuana sales in Klamath Falls, city staff and councilors will now discuss the next steps.

Following a work session, Klamath Falls City Council plans to hold a public hearing on new rules, regulations and a 3 percent tax on all sales moving forward during their regular 7 p.m meeting Monday at City Hall. Ordinance 15-14, which placed moratoriums on legal pot sales within city limits, will also be repealed.

Modeled after similar rules as Oregon Liquor Control Commission guidelines, the new Klamath Falls ordinance on marijuana facilities and sales lists several interim rules on where shops and facilities could be located. For instance, a shop cannot be located within 1,000 feet of any schools, colleges or parks.

Violations of any provisions listed in the new ordinance include fines up to $250 or up to six months in jail. Any shop or facility also considered to be a “public nuisance” could be shut down.

Though it passed, Measure 18-112 does not go into effect until February 2019. Local medical marijuana dispensary owner and cannabis industry adviser Ed Medina Jr. also says it could take an additional 12 to 14 months for any new OLCC licenses to take effect.