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Chiloquin has expanded its Dollar General survey to include those outside the urban growth boundary so a greater number of residents can respond.

City officials initially chose to mail surveys with water/sewer bills and asked simply if residents were for or against the proposed store. They have since made surveys available through local businesses so residents who are not utility customers can participate.

Surveys are due at City Hall by March 18.

The City Council approved the survey during their Feb. 23 meeting in light of concerns some residents have about the store. In additional to the potential economic impact of the proposal, some residents have said they oppose Dollar General for suing a Mississippi Native American tribe in federal court.

A majority of residents in Chiloquin identify as Native American.

The company sued the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians challenging their right to try non-tribal members in tribal court. The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Dec. 7, 2015, and has yet to issue a ruling.

Opponents of the suit, including the Klamath Tribes, argue Dollar General is backing out of a contract with the Choctaws by challenging their authority. Klamath Tribes Chairman Don Gentry said a company that treats contractual obligations this way does not share the values of the Chiloquin community.

But Dollar General spokesperson Dan MacDonald said litigation in Mississippi should not affect a store in Southern Oregon, and said the company believes their proposal is a good fit for Chiloquin.

As of Monday, around 50 or 60 surveys have been returned, said City Recorder Theresa Foreman. She said she could not offer preliminary results as the surveys will not be counted until after the return deadline.