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Parks guys
City parks and planning employees Joe Slaughter, Ken Hay and John Bellon guide Chuck Brown, of High Desert Co. Excavation, and City Council member Cheri Howard along the beginnings of a new trail that will go from Moore Park to Running Y Ranch Resort.

At a 2020 Klamath Vision meeting in July, Joe Slaughter, associate planner with the city of Klamath Falls, explained the city's vision for a trail system that connects the suburbs to downtown so people can walk and bike throughout Klamath Falls.

Since then, the Friends of Moore Park has partnered with the city and other organizations to cut a new trail in Moore Park, going through Ridgewater Properties to Running Y Ranch Resort - the kind of community participation 2020 Klamath Vision depends on.

"The critical key is participation," said Darin Rutledge, 2020 Klamath Vision committee president. "It's not going to be up to the executive committee or up to the chamber of commerce or up to any other organizations to implement this thing. It's going to be up to the community."

The Winema Hotshot crew and the Youth Conservation Corps, a parks conservation group, have cleared part of the trail. Friends of Moore Park is recruiting volunteers with equipment to carve out and smooth the trail, which is still narrow and inadequately defined.

One of several planned

The Moore Park trail is one of several that city planners hope to develop into an extensive trail system for recreation and transportation, but the effort depends directly on volunteers and money.

"We have a unique opportunity with a lot of open space in city limits that we can develop into a trail system," said Sandra Zaida, city community development director. "We're very lucky to have what we have, compared to a lot of other cities in Oregon."

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