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About the only thing stunning in Oregon Tech’s 1-0 men’s soccer victory over Southern Oregon Saturday is that it took the Hustlin’ Owls almost 19 minutes into overtime to final find the back of the net.

Ed McClure, playing with Reid Sherwin and his wife Carol, won the lone first places at the weekly Tuesday morning and Thursday morning games in duplicate bridge competition in Klamath Falls this past week.

Julia Flocchini of Klamath Falls is among a group of incoming students at the University of Iowa with a grade-point average of at least 3.76 and is in the university’s College of Engineering.

A Wednesday article, “Oregon’s university employees vote over strike,” about classified workers union contract negotiations, should have reported that SEIU members are asking for the bottom wage step to be eliminated because it lists a wage below Portland’s minimum wage, although Portland em…

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The seventh annual Benefit for the Basin was bigger and louder than ever before with cars occupying four buildings at the Klamath County Fairgrounds and spilling outside near the festivities.