Texas opens the chute!

America is ready to rodeo and it looks like Texas is going to take the lead. There is a Democratic Senate race in the Lone Star State and all eyes should be on Texas.

Kesha Rogers and David Alameel, on May 27 will see who makes it to the finals to ride against cowboy, John Cornyn (R).

Now, what is so special about this race is that it will draw the line, whether America fights or flees. Survives or succumbs. The world watched as this administration put Nazis in power in Ukraine’s government, to kill again.

Like the sad story of Kitty Genovese, Congress, like the citizens, failed to act.

Robert Hoenig the ex-head of the Kansas Federal Reserve, now the vice-chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, tell us the system is ready for another bailout-in, because Congress has failed to act, (Glass-Stegall).

Cowboy integrity and logic tells us when a man is up to his neck in a pile of bovine waste, that there are right answers: Who to trust and always “saddle your own horse.” Then, there is nobody else to blame.

Politicians and newspapers financed by Wall Street and London attack with their sophistry our logic and integrity that has been tested by time, horses, weather, bad guys, ect.

Some call it “herd manipulation. Cowboys call it B.S. (bovine secretions). JFK had that Will Rogers Logic when he said, “There is no Republican answer, there is no Democratic answer, there is only the right answer.”

Kesha follows that JFK tradition, unlike her opposition, which carries that (Wall Street) brand. She calls for the impeachment of Obama, for bailing out Wall Street and destroying Main Street at the expense of the American people. (Yee haw!) So hats off to Texas, Let ‘er buck.

Jesse Maben

Klamath Falls