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Before Zoom meetings, before instant messenger services, amateur radio connected friends and loved ones across long distances. Even in today’s modern age of high-tech gadgets, cell phones, and email, when the grid goes down it’s often amateur radio operators who still provide emergency communications until things return to normal.

Learn how to join in the hobby at an online presentation on Thursday, Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. via Zoom through the Klamath County Library.

Presenter Jonathan Wanzer, an amateur radio license instructor and examiner, will take participants through the basics of the equipment involved, how to acquire a radio license, and useful applications of the hobby such as emergency preparedness. Beginners of all ages are welcome.

Wanzer is the emergency coordinator for the Klamath County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, and assistant section manager for southern Oregon in the American Radio Relay League. He works closely with local, state, and regional agencies and organizations promoting the many diverse areas of interest within amateur radio. His interests outside of amateur radio include aviation, mechanics, crafting, and electronics.

The presentation is free, but registration is required to send the invite to connect via Zoom teleconferencing. For more information and to register, email Charla at