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12-18 other side of the hill

“Other Side of the Hill”, a documentary filmed primarily in Lake County, will be televised and livestreamed by KNBZ — CBS for Central Oregon on multiple dates in December.

Following its world premiere at the 2020 Klamath Independent Film Festival, where it took third place overall for Best Southern Short, the documentary “Other Side of the Hill” is airing on CBS for Central Oregon and livestreaming in December.

The film follows environmental efforts in rural areas of Oregon as an economic driver for rural community survivability, with a primary focus on the work of the Lake County Resources Initiative (LCRI) in Lakeview highlighting ongoing efforts of geothermal, solar and other renewable resources. The documentary examines the potential economic and community impacts of small rural communities that actively embrace 21st century renewable resources, with Lakeview serving as a test model for other regions to follow.

The documentary is airing three times in December on KBNZ – CBS for Central Oregon, with remaining broadcasts on Saturday, Dec. 19 at 9:30 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 26 at 7 p.m. During those times a simultaneous livestream of the film is also available at

The film has been praised by critics for offering rural perspectives and potential solutions for addressing climate change from the ongoing efforts and ideologies of rural Eastern Oregonians.

LCRI’s multi-year efforts in Lake County have had tangible results, being a key player in the expansion of geothermal and solar projects, the construction of the Red Rock Biofuels facility in Lakeview that once operational will create millions of gallons of diesel and jet fuel from forest byproducts and ag waste, and creation of the Innovation and Learning Center (ILC) in Lakeview that through a partnership with Klamath Community College provides college-level coursework in satellite classrooms to Lake County residents.

“Other Side of the Hill” was selected among over 100 film submissions for the 2020 Klamath Independent Film Festival for the film’s world premiere, which was screened at the Ross Ragland Theater in September and made available on-demand through an online KIFF pass.