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Racyne Parker

Klamath Falls based recording and performing artist Racyne Parker will host a celebration Aug. 29 in honor of the release her debut album, “Tumbleweed Town.”

Klamath Falls based recording and performing artist Racyne Parker is planning a celebration in honor of the release her debut album, “Tumbleweed Town,” according to a news release.

Local fans and supporters are invited to a release party at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 29 at A Leap of Taste, 907 Main St. The party offers an exclusive preview of the album via a free concert by Parker, and the premiere of her next music video featuring a song from the album.

Pre-order of Parker’s album will be available Friday, Aug. 16 on iTunes, with the album releasing Aug. 30.

Born and raised in Klamath Falls, Parker grew up riding horses, playing sports and singing with her dad’s country/rock band. She wrote her first song when she was in the fourth grade (it was about her little sister) and she has been writing songs ever since.

In high school, Parker sang in the jazz choir but moved away from musical performance as she pursued athletic opportunities in basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Despite this shift, she held tight to the hope that someday she would be able to follow her passions to write, sing, and share music.

Parker left home, college-bound, in 2013. She double-majored in biology and anthropology and received a Bachelor of Arts from Willamette University in 2017. On the path to medical school, she focused on academics and graduated with honors.

She was also a dual-sport athlete on the Willamette Women’s Basketball team and the Willamette Track and Field team. Though she committed her time to academics and athletics, she found herself constantly returning to music, performing in the Willamette Talent Show and breaking out her guitar around campfires. She could not shake the daydreams of becoming a singer/songwriter.

A collection of five songs, “Tumbleweed Town” interlaces aspects of traditional country, a unique vocal delivery, and contemporary lyrical arrangements to create a modern country sound that allow this album to tell a story of growing up, moving on, and coming home. The title-track off the album has garnered almost 500 radio plays around the country within the first week it was released to radio, while the music videos for the title-track and the other previously-released single featured on the album, “I’m a Mess,” have almost 20,000 combined views across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The singles continue to be available for streaming and downloading across listening platforms.

Parker has been writing, recording and performing in Oregon since the January of 2018.

“This EP is the foundation that I’m excited to continue to build upon, with a newfound sense of direction and an idea of what I want to do with my life,” Parker said.

With country, folk, and indie influences, the album is sure to bend genres and appeal to a wide audience. For more information, and to listen to a sampling of Parker’s music, visit