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Klamath Film

Kurt Liedtke has been chosen as Klamath Film’s new executive director. Liedtke is tasked with guiding the organization’s mission to build, promote and support an industry of filmmaking in and around Klamath Falls.

Klamath Film, a nonprofit which promotes filmmaking in the Klamath Basin and beyond, has hired Kurt Liedtke as its new executive director.

Liedtke, a Eugene native with 12 years of experience working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles through various roles in music, film, social media and video games, has worked for two newspaper publications in Southern Oregon — the Lake County Examiner and the Herald & News — since relocating to the Klamath Basin. His tenure in the news industry has included work as a journalist, photographer, videographer, copy editor, managing editor, commercial drone pilot and social media manager. Alongside Liedtke’s new role as Klamath Film’s executive director, he is also the online editor for the Herald & News.

Coming into Klamath Film’s ninth year, Liedtke is tasked with guiding the organization’s mission to build, promote and support an industry of filmmaking in and around Klamath Falls, while connecting the community to film. Klamath Film’s connections and resources were a key driver in 2018 to bring crews to Klamath Falls for the feature film production of “Phoenix, Oregon.” The organization also routinely coordinates regional film screenings, whenever possible incorporating audience Q&As with filmmakers; as well as workshops, community outreach, educational components to assist local filmmakers and inspire future film projects, and seeks to expand inclusion of filmmakers throughout Southern Oregon.

The organization also produces the premier Oregon-centric film festival in its annual Klamath Independent Film Festival (KIFF), held every September in multiple theaters across Klamath Falls. KIFF stands out among its peers for exclusively showcasing short and feature-length films made in Oregon or created by Oregon filmmakers. The film festival includes documentaries, student films, short films, animated films and theatrical-length features over a three-day weekend event. The festival welcomes filmmakers to attend, offering question-and-answer opportunities to connect the filmmaking experience with its audience, and is one of the best networking events for Oregon filmmakers.

“I look forward to being able to not only continue the great promotion of independent and under-appreciated films to audiences in Klamath County, but also expand Klamath Film’s reach to connect with outlying communities across Southern Oregon as well,” said Liedtke. “There are some incredible historic theaters in Southern Oregon and Northern California, and I would love to bring the Klamath Film experience to communities beyond Klamath Falls. We also plan to work hard to bring film production crews to the Klamath Basin. Through our breathtaking landscapes, local talent, facilities and community cooperation; we can bring commercial, television and film production teams to the Klamath Basin, providing a large and instantaneous boost to our local economy.”

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