Calling all readers in third through fifth grades: The downtown Klamath County Library is recruiting for our Oregon Battle of the Books season, which will start meeting in October.

Participants will read at least one of the 16 Battle of the Books titles and prepare to battle in trivia games about the books. Battle of the Books meetings combine the fun of a book club and the competitive energy of trivia games! You will be able to meet at either the South Suburban Branch Library, 3625 Summers Lane, on the second Thursday of the month at 4 pm, or at the downtown Klamath County Library, 126 S. 3rd St., on the second Friday of the month at 4 pm, whichever best fits your schedule. (The material covered at both branches each month will be exactly the same, so there will be two opportunities to meet for each Battle of the Books title.)

Registration is required, and registration will close after the November meetings. Register at or in person at the library. (If you do not receive a confirmation email that you’re on the team within one week of registering, please contact Battle of the Books organizer Katie Hart at

Each meeting for the first half of our season, October through January, will discuss four Battle of the Books titles each. Team members are not expected to know everything about all the books — Battle of the Books trivia competitions are team events where players collaborate on the correct answer. (Read as many as you like, but we encourage choosing at least one or two to read more than once, so you can pay attention to all the details!)

After the teams have met to discuss all the books, we’ll start practicing for the second half of our season: battles against your fellow readers. (Team members must attend at least two “book club” meetings in order to participate in the battles coming later in the school year.)

For more information, call 541-882-8894 or visit