Conservation Ranching Presentation

Matt Allshouse, conservation ranching program manager with Audubon California, will provide a free ZOOM presentation at 7 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 14. Preregister by Mon., Sept. 13.

Growing up on a ranch in Wyoming helped Matt gain “an appreciation for the intrinsic value of intermountain ecosystems.” His interest in this field spurred him to earn two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Wyoming in the areas of environment and natural resource, and rangeland ecology and watershed management. After graduation Matt worked in Belize and Guatemala as a biologist for The Peregrine Fund, where he managed and directed field research and rehabilitation of the endangered, orange-breasted falcon.

Matt said he has “a passion for science, culture, and preserving wild places and the species that utilize them.”

Matt has served in Wyoming as ranch manager at Antelope Springs Land and Cattle for 14 years where he directed ranching operations for grazing, recreation, and wildlife.  He says, “As a rancher I have utilized science to develop dynamic and sustainable grazing practices to promote forage yield for cattle while preserving critical habitat for species, from big game to migratory birds.”

His current work with California Audubon utilizes science-based ranch management methods which improve soil health and water quality, mitigate flooding and erosion, and capture ozone-damaging carbon.

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